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The customer of today is more discerning than ever.  Customers expect access to their product and service providers anywhere, anytime.  Companies like Zappos, Amazon and Jet Blue really get it right.  Why? They listen to the customer.  They anticipate customer needs.  They design customer-centric processes that are all about the customer.  They have a mindset of continuous improvement. Delighting the customer is in their DNA.

At Experience Design International, we have a passion for helping our clients understand the current customer journey, develop the ideal customer journey, and create an action plan to make that happen.  We work with companies of all sizes, and have a consistent track record that proves becoming more customer-friendly results in greater efficiency and an improved bottom line.  

We also take into account the heart of your business: your employees.  At the heart of a customer centric culture is an engaged, happy employee population.  As we create journey maps and design optimal experiences, we consider the important role your employees play as your brand ambassadors.  They need to know how important they are, and feel appreciated for what they do every step of the way.  Engaged employees are key in a sustainable customer centric organization.

If you are not sure where to begin but sense there may be a better way to operate and interact with customers, let's have a conversation.  We work with companies of all sizes and love what we do!