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Evaluate. Design. Execute. 


From the very first moment a customer interacts with you, their journey with your brand begins.  To continuously deliver the best experience possible, it is critical that you know who your customers are, what they value most, why they chose you, and what you need to do to keep them happy. Companies that do this best understand the importance of nurturing the customer relationship, and addressing customer needs. Our Customer Journey research is designed to help you be sure you stay in tune with your customers today, and anticipate their needs for tomorrow.




The foundation to a sustainable customer experience strategy is an employee culture that lives and breathes all things customer.  Hiring the right people, infusing customer centricity into training and holding employees accountable for delighting the customer are all milestones in a robust customer experience program.  We ensure you have the employee programs, protocols and communications programs in place so your customers and employees are happy and behind you for the long haul. 



Being a customer-centric company means offering products, services and processes that are mindful of what it feels like to be the customer.  Elements of the customer experience such as purchasing options, quality of service, billing, call wait times, and even the language we use when interacting with customers all matter.  Our Customer Experience Design team will help you understand how to deliver a consistent, sustainable white-glove experience that will increase customer loyalty.  We help you establish the perfect balance of delivering what the customer needs with how you leave them feeling after each touch-point.



Collaborative idea jams

If you are looking for a creative solution to a customer or employee challenge, or crave a wave of new thinking in your company, an Idea Jam may be just the solution for you.  Innovative ideas always emerge when we blend together management teams, employees, customers and experts from the outside.  Idea Jams can be held onsite, offsite or online, and can range from 2 hours to 2 days based on your goals.  We leverage our extensive network to be sure we provide the perfect blend of brilliant minds to make your idea jam a success.  


The modern customer has high expectations when it comes to a company's digital capabilities.  Having a customer centric digital strategy forges a connection with customers.  Every company has on line transactions, not every company builds customer engagement with customers that use their self service capabilities.  Our digital strategy team will start by evaluating your existing digital presence and evaluate how you compare to other companies in and out of your category.  With an expert understanding of customer psychology, we will create a new or expand upon your existing digital strategy to  ensure your customers can learn about you, communicate with you, transact with you and build a relationship with you online when they want and how they want so you can win.

Leadership advisory

As a business leader, sometimes what we need most is a trusted advisor on the outside who can help us see a situation clearly, allow us to process an eminent change, and support us as we make a significant change in the business.  Advisory sessions can be simple phone calls or multi-day in person work sessions based on your needs.    




The 2010 Customer Experience Impact Report reveals that 82% of consumers in the U.S. would stop doing business with a company due to a poor customer service experience.  A great product at a fair price used to be enough to make the register ring, but the modern customer of today requires more than that: GREAT SERVICE.  While the modern customer is drawn increasingly to digital tools and DIY options, their expectations are high when they choose to interact with a company representative directly.  Beyond expecting your employees to know your product or service, they also expect a high level of customer empathy and a demonstrable urgency when addressing a customer issue.  Our coaching and training programs help demystify the customer, teach employees basic consumer psychology, and train employees to be leaders in customer service while keeping in alignment with company goals.  The results?  Better retention of employees.  Better internal and external communications.  More satisfied customers.  And, a better bottom line.