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Management Team



Henry Edinger

Charismatic, forward-thinking and dramatically effective are just a few words to describe Henry.  From working at Aetna & Travelers Insurance since 1994 to forming EDI, Henry is a known innovator and change maker in Experience Design and Process Optimization.  His ability to diagnose operational breakdowns and gaps in service, and develop strategies for much needed change, is well known in the business community.  His planning and executional efforts are repeatedly proven to reduce operational expenses and increase bottom line profits.  With an unbridled passion for Customer Experience, Henry has spoken at more than a dozen conferences on Customer Centricity and the importance of Culture since 2011. 



ManAGING Partner

Delanea Davis

Why do customers buy what they buy, and what makes them loyal (or not loyal) to you? What is the right balance of rational and emotional when messaging to customers?  What motivates employees to exceed customer expectations?  These are just a few of the questions Delanea thinks about in her daily travels.  Delanea has always been fascinated by human behavior, and uses her background in research methods and organizational psychology to find patterns in consumer and employee behavior.  She couples this with the desired business outcome, and creates a framework from which a customer experience design is built.  Focus groups, ethnographic observation, and in depth interviews are just a few of the ways Delanea captures insights.  She then brings them to life in a meaningful way that illuminates the next steps for process and experience optimization.          


Gina headshot.png

Chief of staff, customer engagement & entrepreneurship

Gina Johnson

Gina has a passion for launching first time entrepreneurs and igniting small businesses to take their sales and marketing efforts to the next level. A powerful combination, Gina blends infinite ideas for branding and marketing with hold-you-to-it accountibility coaching. As a founder and CEO of GinaJohnson.co, Gina knows how to put great marketing strategy into action. Gina is also a powerhouse in the non-profit space. Having created and launched more than 100 charity based campaigns over the years, Gina knows how to inspire and organize community-givers with those in need. On a monthly basis, Gina orchestrates and leads various charitible drives. She also consults for companies wishing to implement non-profit programs and events.

Professional Team

Brady Darvin picture.png

Director, research & Program management

Brady Darvin

Brady Darvin has been studying consumers across a variety of industries for over two decades.  Brady is an expert in online survey questionnaire design and project management, and has designed and fielded more online surveys than he can count, each having the objective of extracting actionable insights for his client. In 2016, he was among the very first group to obtain an official Silver Certification in the  industry-leading Qualtrics online survey platform. Brady is also an experienced ethnographer and focus group moderator, having moderated dozens of both traditional and non-traditional focus groups.
Brady has published multiple articles in trade magazines including Kidscreen and Confectioner, and has spoken in front of both the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the National Confectioners Association on the topic of childhood obesity.  His clients include major restaurant chains, automotive suppliers, hotels, and technology startups.


Creative services

Kyle Pickard

“What’s the story? That is the question that drives Kyle in his passion for both audio and visual arts. Kyle blends his passion for music and story-telling with a social media marketing savvy that is very relevant in today’s digital age. Kyle partners with both known and up-and-coming brands to create digital strategy for their content, flexing executions to meet nearly any timeline and budget. Kyle's goal is to engage customer interest and build strong emotional relationships with them using his vast toolkit of creative solutions.   

ValRogers 2016-1cropped.jpg

Project management & Marketing

Valerie Rogers

Business is built one person at a time.  Whether you are in the public, private or nonprofit sectors, customers matter. And, your employees matter.  A lot. How your staff deal and interact with your consumers also matters.  You can have all the employee handbooks, trainings and procedures in place, but if the customer feels slighted, not heard or disrespected, you have now lost a valuable member of your business - the customer. Plus, your worker may now feel discouraged, disgruntled and under-motivated. 

Valerie works from the framework of having the right people in the right positions as being one of the key features for a successful business.  Too often, though, employees get “stale” in their positions because they are not being utilized to their full potential.  And too often customers are unhappy from how they were treated or how their expectations were not met.

Valerie’s expertise bridges the gap between customer relations and employee strengths. 



Andrea Fancher

A 20+ year veteran in market research, Andrea’s hunger for knowledge promotes her diversity of talents. As a dual analytic and creative with a keen eye for detail, Andrea has a particular aptitude for data visualization. She helps brings stories to life by making complex data easy to understand. Andrea is often involved in all stages of engagements, from customized product labeling for survey participation to presentations for industry symposia – and everything in between.


Strategic Communications

Jessica Mand

In times of change, communications is the glue that holds companies, teams, and brilliant ideas together. And when done right, the way credible information is delivered will motivate, inspire and energize.  Jessica Mand, an award-winning, results-driven professional, had led several Fortune 100 program teams to deliver strategic organizational communications that encourages positive culture change and employee engagement. A creative storyteller who finds ease in simplifying the complex, Jessica delivers innovative programs with real, positive impact. Jessica’s motto holds true … Everything communicates. 

 Her work includes strategy and deliverables for mergers and acquisition activity, new company launches and large technology initiatives. Jessica’s expertise is also in developing and deploying multi-sense behavioral communications using her ability to empathically understand the wants, needs and motivations of the audiences her clients communicate with. Jessica is Founder of INDEMANDCOMMS.COM, a communications consultancy.